We typically play as a 3 piece band consisting of lead vocals/guitar, bass guitar/backing vocals and drums. We can also play as a 4 piece with the addition of a keyboard player OR second guitarist. You can choose any of these set ups.

The painful bit! We aim to keep our pricing as fair, consistent and transparent as possible. We can be flexible on cost but ultimately it will depend on how long you want us to play for, whether you hire us as a 3 or 4 piece band, how far we need to travel and any additional extras such as pianist for reception, DJ set and special requests beyond our repertoire.

We are based in West London and so anything in the London area is ideal for us and should help to keep transport costs down for you! We are very well situated for the M4/M40/M3/M1 so any of the West, South West, Midlands and Home Counties is also perfect for us.

We will be driving to your event and we ask that our petrol costs are covered. This is all included within our expenses as are rehearsal costs and anything else.

We are happy to travel to more or less anywhere within the UK provided our transport costs are covered.

Some venues require an equipment list before they will agree to let a band play. We will take care of all correspondence with the venue but just for your own information…

When playing as a 3 piece band we will have with us:

  • Standard rock drum kit (bass drum, snare, hi hat, toms and cymbals)
  • 1x 15 watt guitar amp
  • 1x 75 watt bass guitar amp
  • 600 watt Yamaha PA system (2 speakers and 8 channel mixing desk)
  • 2x stage floor monitors
  • 3x small LED floor cans (lights)
  • Microphones and stands

When playing as a 4 piece, add 1 more floor monitor and either a full sized keyboard or another guitar amp.

We provide all our own equipment and this is usually fine for most small/medium sized venues. All we ask is for a safe power supply (i.e. a couple of wall sockets) ideally located close to where we will be playing. If your venue holds more than 250 people it may be worth hiring a separate audio/visual company to provide sound and lighting. If you would like us to perform on a raised stage and your venue doesn’t already have/offer one then you will need to hire this yourself but please do contact us and we will be happy to discuss options and preferred hire companies with you.

Yes we can. We often play gigs ‘acoustically’ i.e. with acoustic guitars and a Cajon (essentially a hand played drum box). Please take a look at our videos section to see this in action! Using this set up not only saves valuable stage space but also dramatically reduces the overall volume of the performance and should pose no problems in venues using decibel limiters.

Not much! We are used to playing in tight spaces and something around 4m wide x 3m deep is usually space enough as a 3 piece band.

Yes, although ideally under a covered gazebo or marquee. We do ask for a solid, flat floor space if possible as playing on grass can be a safety hazard especially if uneven. If the stage area is more than 25 metres away from the nearest mains power supply then a generator will also need to be hired.

We are professional musicians who need to look after our hearing so rest assured we won’t be as loud as Oasis at Knebworth! We will always make sure we play at a reasonable volume, never louder than we would wish to hear a band play at ourselves.

We typically play either 2 sets of 75 minutes or 3 sets of 45 minutes with a short break in between each set but this can be flexible. We can also provide music before, during breaks and after we finish via a Spotify playlist through our PA system.

We ask for a minimum of 90 minutes prior to our agreed start time in order to set up our equipment and sound check to ensure our best performance.

We hope you are considering booking us because you are looking specifically for a Britpop band but we do understand that you may have guests who may not know the more obscure stuff (Kula Shaker, anyone?) and we want to make sure everyone has a great time and most importantly keeps on dancing! We therefore offer an extensive list of wedding/party classics within our repertoire which we are confident will please everybody. You can choose your own songs by clicking here.

Absolutely! We have a really fun and interactive set list builder where you can create your own entire set list and send it over to us. Why not have a go anyway even if you’re just bored at work?! If you have specific requests for songs that aren’t included in our repertoire then please let us know and we will do our best to learn them for you.

Yes we can. We offer a pianist as an additional extra. Contact us for details.

We provide music via a Spotify playlist over our PA system before, during breaks and up to 30 minutes after our performance, all included in our fee. We can also provide a bespoke playlist to your specifications as a DJ set for an additional fee.

Yes please. Performing live music for up to 3 hours is physically and mentally tiring and so we ask you to provide soft drinks and one hot meal per band member.

It’s not essential but we do ask to be provided with a safe, secure room in which to at least store our belongings and get changed if necessary. For venues where we have had to travel a long distance, having a space where we can relax and rest before we perform is greatly appreciated if at all possible.

Yes, we have full public liability insurance in the event of any accidents and all our equipment is PAT tested. Most venues now require this from bands and we will take care of all correspondence with the venue regarding this.

Once we have finalised your booking we will issue you with an invoice and ask for a deposit of 20% of the total fee. This is non-refundable as we need to make sure we are covered in the event of a last minute cancellation. This also means we will be committed to your booking. Should one of us fall ill before your event we have an extensive number of high quality deps who have played with us before who can take our place so rest assured the show will go on!

If you have any further questions which are not listed on here then please don’t hesitate to contact us.