The Show

We are all professional musicians, totally committed to putting on a first class show every time. From the Mancunian slur of Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown, the cockney twang of Damon Albarn to the rich, jangly guitar tones of Paul Weller, Bernard Butler, John Squire, Graham Coxon and Noel Gallagher, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality in sound and performance that we possibly can.

Right! Enough with the sales pitch. On with the show!

We are first and foremost a covers band and not a ‘tribute’ band. We cover a lot of different artists so we do not use costumes or props as this would be a logistical nightmare (can you imagine singing ‘Parklife’ dressed like Liam Gallagher?!). For weddings we normally wear suits and for parties/corporate events smart casual (think Mod shirts), however if you would like us to wear  anything specific (within reason!) please just let us know.

We have an extensive repertoire which we constantly add to. The bulk of our repertoire is (as you might guess) 90’s Britpop as well as the best of British legends from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (Beatles, Stones, T Rex, Sex Pistols, The Smiths et al).

However, we are aware that not everyone is as obsessed with Shed Seven as you hopefully are, so we also have an extensive list of wedding/party hits to choose from and of course we are always open to requests, just be sure to get them in nice and early! We also have a very cool set list builder where you can choose any combination of songs from our repertoire, create your own completely bespoke set list which will then get sent to us and we will take care of the rest!

Our set times are typically 2×75 minutes or 3×45 minutes with a short break (usually 10-15 minutes) in between, however we can be flexible with this. We provide a Spotify playlist before, during the break, and after the performance and this is free of charge and entirely optional. We also can provide a bespoke playlist before or after a performance for a small fee if lasting more than 30 minutes (this is a good option if you don’t want to pay another £300 for a DJ).

We provide all our own equipment, lighting and transport, we are fully PAT tested and have full public liability insurance (which most venues require). If your venue has a sound decibel limiter installed (a device which momentarily cuts out the electricity when sound levels reach above a set level) then that is no problem either. We can play as loud or as quietly as required and the performance will not be affected in any way although ideally if you are after a Britpop band then hopefully you won’t want us to be playing in a library! We want to make the gig as memorable and fun as possible and Blur and Oasis tunes definitely sound their best when turned up a bit! We are happy to play outside under a marquee or (if the weather is guaranteed to stay dry?!) in the open; however playing on grass can be tricky and ideally we would want a solid, flat surface, especially for drums and amplifiers. Most venues can provide this or just get in contact with us and we can discuss options.

If we commit to a booking from you, we will be there (we have contracts for this kind of thing!) and we will be as fully committed to your day as you want us to be. We know organising events (especially weddings) is time consuming and stressful and we want booking your band to be as easy as possible. As such we offer the following additional extras:

We are based in West London and it is relatively easy for us to get to most parts of the country especially the Midlands and South West. We are happy to travel further afield provided any additional transport costs are met and that there is somewhere safe and secure for us to change and store any personal belongings and that one hot meal and soft drinks per band member is provided.

Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding any queries you might have, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please also have a look at our FAQs page for further information.